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Lightspeed cache + Cloudflare + Railgun

Optimal LiteSpeed Cache Settings with CloudFlare CDN

A caching plugin in a necessity for every WordPress website.  It helps with speeding up page load time promoting faster content delivery.  And if you’re hosting your site on a LiteSpeed web server, then LiteSpeed Cache is the best option. LiteSpeed cache…

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fast website

How to Speed Up and Optimize WordPress Website for Faster Load Time

Having a fast website is not only beneficial for your visitors but also for your search rankings.  In order to have your website optimized for search engines, a typical visitor shouldn’t have to wait more than three seconds for a page to…

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Upload Max Filesize

How to Fix The Uploaded File Exceeds the upload_max_filesize Directive in php.ini WordPress Error

ERROR: UPLOADED FILE EXCEEDS THE UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE DIRECTIVE IN PHP.INI Uploading large files, namely themes, plugins, images, videos, etc. in WordPress, can sometimes cause an error with the upload file size limits – this is caused by the default configuration in your server’s…

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Google Site Kit Plugin

Google Site Kit – Analytics and Search Console Plugin for WordPress

Every website owner should have Google Analytics and Search Console setup to see how users discover and interact with their site.  It’ll measure vital data such as organic traffic and acquisition metrics to help optimize any website or blog. Unfortunately, up until…

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5 Free Tools to Test Website Page Speed – Mobile Included

Whether you’re running a website for your small business or putting out content for a blog, checking your website speed is very important for a positive user experience. Sites that load quicker generally perform better with search rankings and visitors are less…

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Web Fonts and Font Face – What Are They and How to Use Them

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ADDING WEB FONTS TO YOUR WEBSITE. Using custom web fonts can make any website look truly unique and stand out from the competition.  Image if every website used Time New Roman, other than difference in images,…

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