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DNS A record SPF TXT record

Cloudflare Settings to Update After Changing IP Address or Web Host

Every web server, website, or device that connects to the internet is designated its own IP address in order to communicate with each other.  If you’ve recently changed your web host, server IP address or the type of hosting plan, the IP…

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monitor profile fix

How to Fix Defective Monitor Profile in Windows 10 – Photoshop

ERROR: MONITOR PROFILE APPEARS TO BE DEFECTIVE. Using Photoshop Creative Cloud with certain monitors can throw an error warning.  The result of this error will cause your screen to display color that is washed out or with a yellowish tint. It can…

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How to Fix Adobe App Scaling to Display Bigger on High Resolution Monitors

ERROR: ADOBE APP HIGH DPI 4K SCALING ISSUE. Installing Adobe Creative Cloud software apps on your PC with a high DPI or 4k monitor, may cause a common problem that displays the menu, fonts and icons very small. This Adobe App scaling…

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Download YouTube Videos Without Software

If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you may have wondered how you can download YouTube videos you want to save. While there are many YouTube video downloader programs out there, some are infested with trackers and ads that you…

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