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sites like amazon but cheaper

Shopping Sites Like Amazon But Cheaper

Shopping on Amazon has its advantages – they are competitively priced, provides fast shipping and good customer service.  But if prices are the most important factor in your buying decision, then there are options cheaper than Amazon by going directly to the…

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The Best Youtube Alternative That Pays You to Watch Videos

Ever since Google acquired YouTube in 2005, it has without a doubt become the number one social platform to share videos.  There has been a rise in the number of YouTube channels by content creators, who publish new content, to monetize their…

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Social Media Apps

100+ Social Networking Sites and Apps That’s Popular

Since the turn of the 21th century and after the mass adoption of the internet, social networking sites have started popping up everywhere.  Its hard to see or hear anything without the mention of some social media reference. Furthermore, the evolution of…

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Brave Browser

Download Brave and Get Paid to Watch Ads – 70% Ad Revenue to Surf the Web

WHAT IS BRAVE BROWSER. The Brave browser is an open source free browser developed with privacy in mind.  It was founded by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and creator of the JavaScript programming language for the web.  If you’ve never heard of…

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