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Shopping Sites Like Amazon But Cheaper

sites like amazon but cheaper

Shopping on Amazon has its advantages – they are competitively priced, provides fast shipping and good customer service.  But if prices are the most important factor in your buying decision, then there are options cheaper than Amazon by going directly to the source.

More than 50% of all sales on Amazon come from third-party sellers who’s products are mainly sourced from China.  Most of these products are pre-manufactured items slapped with a private label which are in turn listed on Amazon at a 3x markup.

So unless the brand you are buying is that of a major manufacturer like Apple, there’s a good chance you can get the same private labeled products much cheaper by buying directly from China.  Here is a list of some popular websites with better prices than Amazon.


  • Gearbest
  • Geekbuying
  • AliExpress
  • Banggood
  • DHGate
  • Wish
  • Geek
  • TomTop
  • Shein
  • LightInTheBox
  • Miniinthebox
  • Sammydress
  • Dealextreme
  • Ericdress

Consequently, because of Amazon’s popularity, there’s been a rise in popularity and accessibility of Chinese shopping sites.  They have since made it easier for international customers to browse, shop and even check-out from their platforms in English.

But that’s not to say that shopping on Chinese sites doesn’t come trade offs.  Prices may be cheaper but shipping times are longer and returns aren’t as streamlined.

However, if buying items at wholesale prices seem attractive, you may want to consider checking out some of these shopping sites below.  Here are some pros and cons for shopping abroad.


    • Very cheap wholesale prices especially on lower ticketed items.
    • No need to buy in bulk to take advantage of cost savings.
    • They offer a huge variety of products sourced direct from factories.
    • Popular Chinese brands like Huawei are easily accessible for purchase.
    • Free or extremely low shipping cost thanks to ePacket through USPS.


    • Shipping and delivery can take weeks to sometimes over a month.
    • Returns and refunds aren’t as streamlined due to the geographical locations.
    • Customer support and communication can be spotty due to language barriers.
    • Cost to ship into China will be a lot higher than shipping out of China.
    • Packages can get lost in transit.






  • Year Established:  2013.
  • Headquarters:  Shenzhen, China.
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Electronics, Home & Garden, Auto, Sporting, Apparel, Jewelry.
  • Coupon:  Up to $26 off for new users.

Gearbest is a shopping website similar to Amazon but based out of China with cheaper prices.  They have a vast selection of items for sale but primarily known for the electronics category.

It is especially a great site to find products from major Chinese brands (i.e. Huawei, Xaomi, OnePlus, Amazfit) not readily available in countries like USA.  They tend to carry a lot of higher ticket items such as laptops, phones and smart watches.

Gearbest has a comprehensive refund policy with 30 days return/exchange, 45 days refund for quality issues, and 1 year warranty for repairs.






  • Year Established:  2012.
  • Headquarters:  Shenzhen, China.
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Electronics, Home & Garden, Auto, Sporting, Apparel, Accessories.
  • Coupon:  10% off for students and 2% off for first order.

Geekbuying is another international ecommerce site known for their tech and electronic products.  Their platform includes products in the categories of computing electronics, smart devices, drones, home tech, game accessories and much more.

When shopping for higher end tech products, Geekbuying and Gearbest are two good go-to sites for finding electronics at discounted prices.  You can often find the same products sold on Amazon at a much higher prices so it doesn’t hurt to do some price hunting.

They offer a 1 year warranty on consumer electronics and will even pay for return shipping on DOA shipments.  You can read more about their return policy on their website.






  • Year Established:  2010.
  • Headquarters:  Hangzhou, China.
  • Warehouse locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Electronics, Home Improvement, Auto, Beauty, Home and Pet, Fashion, Jewelry, Computing and Office.
  • Coupon: $2 off for new users.

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba Group and is one of the largest Chinese ecommerce sites with a huge category of products.  You’ll be able to find products that range from under $1 to hundreds of dollars.

AliExpress allows product purchases of a single unit while Alibaba is for transacting in larger quantities.  It’s common to find the same exact products sold on Amazon listed for a lot less on Aliexpress as a lot of Amazon 3rd party sellers also source their items from here.

Prices tend to be significantly cheaper than Amazon because it is coming directly from China so a typical ten dollar item on Amazon can easily go for a few dollars on Aliexpress.

So next time you need to buy products from anything like phone cases, shoes, backpacks, to car phone mounts, you might want to give Aliexpress a look if you don’t mind the longer delivery window.






  • Year Established:  2006
  • Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe, Australia.
  • Product Categories:  Clothing, Phones, Electronics, Auto, Toys, Home and Garden, Computing, Lighting, Jewelry.
  • Coupon:  $18 off for new users.

Banggood is yet another Chinese ecommerce platform gaining traction in the USA.  Just like Amazon, they have a wide variety of items listed for sale but at wholesale prices.

You can find countless items at factory prices.  If you’re used to buying white labeled products on Amazon, you’ll be sure to find similar products at discounted prices without the markup.  It is also a great site to find popular Chinese brands like Huawei, Xaomi, and OnePlus.

Banggood has a 30 day return policy and their shipping speed tends to be relatively faster than other Chinese sites.  All products sold are guaranteed to be delivered within 30 days or your money back.






  • Year Established:  2004
  • Headquarters:  Beijing, China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China.
  • Product Categories:  Electronics, Home and Garden, Auto, Toys, Beauty, Apparel, Jewelry, Computing, Bags and Accessories.
  • Coupon: Up to $88 coupon pack.

DHGate is very similar to Aliexpress – it is a marketplace full of Chinese wholesalers selling countless number of items from electronics, home and kitchen, women’s clothing, and mobile accessories to name a few.

However, Aliexpress is different in the aspect that it is backed by the giant in Alibaba so they tend to have more items for sale at better prices.

Between the two, Aliexpress is the more popular option despite the longer history of DHgate.  With that being said, they both offer great daily deals through their flash sale sections.






  • Year Established:  2010
  • Headquarters:  San Francisco, CA
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China.
  • Product Categories:  Apparel, Home and Kitchen, Fashion, Phone Accessories, Tech Accessories.

Wish is a great site for finding small items under $10.  Although they carry items that cost more, a majority of their items for sale are impulse-buy type items.

Similar to other Chinese platforms, they have countless number of items listed on their site.  However, generally the prices are at a slight premium for the same item when compared to sites like AliExpress and Banggood.

Wish also has a 30 day return policy which can be found here.  Their headquarters are located in California but products are still shipped from China.






  • Year Established:  2015
  • Headquarters:  San Francisco, CA
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China.
  • Product Categories:  Same as Wish.com but without apparel and fashion items.

Geek is essentially the same as Wish with one main difference.  Geek does not sell clothing or fashion items like Wish.  They are both the same company but Geek is more geared towards tech.

However, in terms of product availability and pricing, they still can’t beat sites like AliExpress, Gearbest, Geekbuying or Banggood.






  • Year Established:  2004
  • Headquarters:  China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, UK, China, Germany.
  • Product Categories:  Mobile Phones, Electronics, Toys, Sports, Apparel, Home and Garden, Auto Accessories, Computing.
  • Coupon: 8% off first order.

TomTop is another ecommerce platform with independent sellers selling a whole range of products.  The site has been around since 2004 but hasn’t gain as much popularity in USA as other Chinese sites previously mentioned.

One caveat of TomTop is that the items sold on the site do not have as much product reviews as sites like AliExpress or Gearbest making it harder to gauge the quality of the merchandise.

However, all products sold on TomTop does carry a 12 month repair warranty.






  • Year Established:  2008
  • Headquarters:  China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Clothing and Apparel.
  • Coupon: Approx 10% – 15% off.

Shein is strictly a website to buy clothing and apparel.  Although they carry mens and kids clothing, most of their inventory is geared towards women and plus-sized women.

One benefit of shopping at Shein is that they offer free returns and exchanges as long as items are returned within 45 days.  This eliminates the guess work of buying clothing from abroad.

They stock a huge inventory of clothing at deep discounted prices and there are many articles of clothing for around $10 to $20.  Plus-sized curvy women will especially appreciate the entire section dedicated to them.






  • Year Established:  2007
  • Headquarters:  Beijing, China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Clothing, Jewelry, Home and Garden, Accessories, Beauty.

LightInTheBox is a shopping site that is similar to DHGate.  They carry a big selection of items consisting of mostly general merchandise items.

The site is less intended for phones and electronics but more geared towards accessories.  They have plenty of clothing, shoes, jewelry, beauty, home and electronic accessory items.

Womens clothing, wedding and special events apparel is also a popular category at LightInTheBox.






  • Year Established:  2010
  • Headquarters:  Beijing, China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Similar to LightInTheBox.

MiniInTheBox is a spin-off from LightInTheBox.  It started out as a category section in LightInTheBox but has since becomes it’s own platform although still being run by the same company.

Their product line is more focused towards gadgets and electronic accessories but still stocks inventory in clothing and apparel.  Also, the homepage is nearly identical to LightInTheBox with categories divided by horizontal sections for easy navigating.






  • Year Established:  2011
  • Headquarters:  Shenzhen, China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Mens and Womens Apparel, Plus Sizes, Shoes, Kids, Jewelry, Bags, Beauty.
  • Coupon: 10% off.

Sammydress is an ecommerce platform all about apparel.  They carry an assortment of mens, womens and kids clothing with greater emphasis on womens apparel.

They offer a 30 day return window but does not offer free returns like Shein.  However, at the time of this post, they do have a temporary notice where all customers are offered an unconditional resend or refund on order under $50.

You can find many articles of clothing at prices in the range of $10 – $20 but for fickle customers, Shein is probably the better bet because of their free return policy.






  • Year Established:  2005
  • Headquarters:  Hong Kong
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, Asia, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Electronics, Gadgets, Computers, Auto Accessories, Home, Apparel.
  • Coupon:  $15 to $30 off initial signup.

If you need gadgets, tech and electronic accessories, dealextreme has plenty in stock.  This site is all about digital good whether for home, outdoors, auto or office.

Dealextreme is the only Hong Kong based company from this list and have since expanded its warehouse locations to Europe and USA.  It is a great place to buy anything tech related and they offer free shipping for all items.






  • Year Established:  2012
  • Headquarters:  China
  • Warehouse Locations:  USA, China, Europe.
  • Product Categories:  Mens and Womens apparel, Plus Sizes, Wedding and Events, Shoes, Accessories.
  • Coupon: 10% off.

As the name implies, Ericdress is a shopping site for dresses, womens clothing and mens apparel.  They carry female attire for all sizes including plus sized curvy women.

Their clothing is very affordable and if you don’t mind the lack of designer brand names, you’ll be sure to find plenty of different styles and fit on the site.

They offer plenty of ongoing deals, sales, and presales with a 30 day window return policy for all their items.





The global market as opened up cost saving opportunities for consumers and making international purchases have never been easier.  Although there are other sites like Amazon with cheaper prices, the ones mentioned in this post are the most popular and reputable.






  • 1. Only buy products with high rated product reviews.  Skip the 4-star products and make sure they have a minimum of 4.5 stars ratings with plenty of reviews.
  • 2. Check where the item is being shipped from.  A lot of Chinese companies have warehouses located internationally so choose the one closest to your delivery destination.
  • 3. Plan ahead for extended delivery times.  Shipments can take weeks to sometimes over a month so make sure you order ahead of time or avoid buying if needs are urgent.
  • 4. Inquire about VAT tax.  It’s a good idea to ask the seller about taxes and customs charges especially on higher ticketed items.
  • 5. Check seller ratings.  Make sure the seller you are buying from has good ratings with mimimal complaints and have been in business for a long time.
  • 6. Pay with a credit card that doesn’t charge currency conversion fees.  Banks like American Express and Capital One usually does not charge conversion fees.  Never use Debit.
  • 7. Use Paypal.  Linking credit cards to Paypal is just another layer of buyer protection just in case your transaction doesn’t go as planned.  You’ll have buyer protection from Paypal and the bank.


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