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Download YouTube Videos Without Software


If you spend a lot of time on YouTube, you may have wondered how you can download YouTube videos you want to save.

While there are many YouTube video downloader programs out there, some are infested with trackers and ads that you end up installing with it.   If you’re really unfortunate, the software can also come with a malware or a virus.

By now you probably saved too many videos on your playlist for future viewing, it’s gotten out of control.  Some tutorial videos require multiple views so it’s practical to save the videos onto a hard drive and maintain a library.

So how can you download YouTube videos without software?  This article will show you how to download YouTube videos fast, free, without any software, and right from the browser.  Lets get right into it!




1. Go to YouTube and find any video that you want to download.  Play the video, then pause it.



2.  From the URL Address Bar, type “ss” before “youtube.com” and hit Enter.



3. Once you’re redirected to en.savefrom.net, Click “download video in browser”.



4. Wait a few seconds and Click “MP4 720” to choose the file type.



5. From the drop-down menu choose between the 2 file sizes for MP4 or choose WEBM if you prefer a MKV file.



6. Close the pop-up ad and your computer should ask you where you want to download the MP4 or MKV file.  Save the video and you’re done.

For the most part, I stopped downloading YouTube downloader software because of the bloatware and adware that gets installed during the process.

Also, it’s good practice to proceed with caution when visiting some video downloading websites because as soon you visit the site, it starts downloading an .exe file onto your PC – opening random executable files can be very dangerous for your computer.




This method also works if copy the YouTube video URL, go to https://en.savefrom.net directly and paste the link in the white search bar.


Out of all the softwares and websites I’ve experimented with to download YouTube videos, this is the most efficient method.

TIP: To block ads and commercials while watching YouTube videos, you may find this post useful.


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