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Google Site Kit – Analytics and Search Console Plugin for WordPress

Google Site Kit Plugin

Every website owner should have Google Analytics and Search Console setup to see how users discover and interact with their site.  It’ll measure vital data such as organic traffic and acquisition metrics to help optimize any website or blog.

Unfortunately, up until now if you were looking for something OEM from Google to connect into your WordPress dashboard, you were out of luck – but that has changed with the new Google Site Kit.



Google Site Kit allows users to easily integrate useful tools such as Analytics, Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, and Adsense via a single package install. 

The process of installation and fetching data is seamless and can be done directly from your WordPress admin dashboard – it only makes sense that Google makes the plugin for their own tools.

Although there are third party plugins for WordPress sites that help accomplish this task, some can lack consistency and reliability while others require a paid membership to get any meaningful data.

Google Site Kit is especially beneficial for users who are not comfortable adding verification codes or script tags in their header.php file – this process can now be done directly from the plugin in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Google Site Kit was available in late 2018 in user beta mode but has since been released for developer preview in June 2019.

Early user feedback has allowed improvements to be made and focused on the following features:

    • Seamless site verification with Search Console.
    • Provisioning and configuration of Analytics, AdSense, Tag Manger and Optimize.
    • Simple aggregate and per-page reporting from Search Console, Analytics, and Adsense, to help you understand the full acquisition and monetization funnel.
    • Continuous site performance auditing and monitoring with PageSpeed Insights.
    • Insights we derive from across the products you’ve connected and surface on your dashboard, to help you make sense of the stats.




Although the Site Kit plugin cannot be found in the WordPress plugin marketplace, it can still be manually downloaded from sitekit.withgoogle.com and the linking process is just as simple as installing a plugin.

The developer preview will allow WordPress developers and website owners to test the plugin’s compatibility with other plugins as well as gather feedback.

After the plugin is installed, there’s no longer a need to access separate Google sites to view your vital website metrics – a single informational dashboard will display everything in one screen.

Google Site Kit is available today and will eventually become the standard for integrating various Google tools into WordPress.




  • 1. Log into your Google account and disable any popup block as this may interfere with the installation process.
  • 2.Download the Google Site Kit .zip file from sitekit.withgoogle.com.Download Google Site Kit
  • 3. From your WordPress dashboard, hover over Plugins, click Add New and Upload Plugin.Add New Plugin
  • 4. Drag and Drop the entire .zip file or Choose File, find the .zip file, click open and Install Now.
  • Note: If you run into “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. error while uploading, learn how to fix it here.Upload Google SiteKit
  • 5. Once uploaded, activate it and click Start Setup in the welcome screen.Setup Google Site Kit
  • 6. To get the code required for Client Configuration Click developers.google.com/web/sitekit link and on the next page click Get Oauth CredentialsGet Google Site Kit CodeGet Oauth Credentials
  • 7. Copy the entire block of code and paste it into Client Configuation box from the previous page and click ProceedPaste Oauth Credentials
  • 8. Click Sign in with Google, choose your Google account, and Allow permission in the prompts that follow.
  • 9. Continue to Verify your URL and when you see the congratulations message click Go To Dashboardverify url for Site Kit
  • 10.   Verify that Search Console is now in Connected status.  Proceed to connect other tools as needed.Site Kit Installed


The installing process for Analytics, Adsense and PageSpeed Insights is just as seamless.  If you currently do not have an account for these tools, Site Kit will guide you step by step during the install.

In addition, under “Settings” there is an option to also connect “Optimize” and “Tag Manager”.  The final version of Google Site Kit should be available once it is listed in the WordPress plugin marketplace.

However, if you currently are not using any third party plugins for Google Analytics or Search Console, this beta developer’s version is worth a test drive to get familiar with the platform.


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