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DNS A record SPF TXT record

Cloudflare Settings to Update After Changing IP Address or Web Host

Every web server, website, or device that connects to the internet is designated its own IP address in order to communicate with each other.  If you’ve recently changed your web host, server IP address or the type of hosting plan, the IP…

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Website layouts templates examples

Website Layout Ideas and Examples for Designing a Small Business Site

Have you ever judged a business based on the design of their website?  If your answer is yes, you’re not the only one guilty of this – people do judge a book by its cover.  A business website is the first impression…

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Accept Bitcoin Payment on Website and POS

How to Accept Bitcoin Payment on Your Website & at Your Business

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is accepted as a form of payment by many businesses around the world.  Similar to credit cards, transactions can be done on websites or as a point of sale purchase less the hefty transaction fees. If…

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Cloudflare with free railgun

How to Enable Cloudflare Railgun & Configure CNAME Setup Free with Basic Plan

Cloudflare is well-known for being the most popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) to efficiently cache and deliver static web content to end users.  It conserves bandwidth for website owners and promotes faster content delivery for site visitors – no website should be…

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The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Build a Professional Website Fast

If you own a business, you know you need a website to gain online exposure.  But what is the reason so many business owners hold off on setting one up? Three of the most commons misconceptions about making a website is that…

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Lightspeed cache + Cloudflare + Railgun

Optimal LiteSpeed Cache Settings with CloudFlare CDN

A caching plugin in a necessity for every WordPress website.  It helps with speeding up page load time promoting faster content delivery.  And if you’re hosting your site on a LiteSpeed web server, then LiteSpeed Cache is the best option. LiteSpeed cache…

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Cost to Build Website

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Small Business Website

The cost to build a website will vary depending on what you need it for.  Do you want a website for your business?  Or are you looking to build a complex web application? If you’re like most people, you’re just probably looking…

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Best Web Hosting for Small Business Websites

Most business owners understand the benefits a website can have for their business – it helps with building credibility and acquiring customers.  But one aspect commonly overlooked is small business web hosting. A web host is the structural foundation of your website. …

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