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100+ Social Networking Sites and Apps That’s Popular

Social Media Apps

Since the turn of the 21th century and after the mass adoption of the internet, social networking sites have started popping up everywhere.  Its hard to see or hear anything without the mention of some social media reference.

Furthermore, the evolution of the mobile industry has helped the usage rate of social networking sites to spread exponentially like wild-fire.  Many people use and embrace these social outlets for many different reasons.

It is used for news, entertainment, self-expression, and even as a source of income.   Nowadays, news is spread faster on social media than on traditional network television – it’s no wonder people are flocking to this technology.

Although there may be a handful of social networking sites that everybody is aware of in 2019, there are plenty more that aren’t as well known but still boasts a big community.  This list will show by category, the many different ways these social media sites are actively being used today.






    • Founded in 1999 and acquired by Google in 2003.
    • Blogger is a blogging site where users can post blog articles that are hosted free under the blogspot subdomain.
    • It allows individuals to blog about their topics of interest without having to create a self-hosted website.  Although hosting is free, the user does not actually own the sub-domain or the content they write.




    • Founded in 2016.
    • Like Twitter, Mastadon is a micro-blogging site that’s fairly new to the game.  One big difference is that Mastadon is a decentralized platform.
    • A user can create a server within the platform and users can creates accounts under that server, or instance.  Similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there is no centralized entity that controls it.




    • Founded in 2012.
    • Medium is a blogging platform created by Twitter’s co-founder, Even Williams.  It is free to join but not all the content is free to access.  To view locked content, there is a monthly subscription fee of $5 dollars.
    • Content publishers can make money on this blogging platform when paid members read their content and clap for the post – a portion of the membership fee is then distributed to the content creator.




    • Founded 2002.
    • Skyrock is a French social blogging site where people can create an online profile to blog and communicate with other members.  Members are given their own web space for the purpose of social interaction.




    • Founded in 2012.
    • Tumblr is a micro-blogging site where users can post short blog posts.  It was acquired by Yahoo in 2013 only for Yahoo to be later acquired by Verizon in 2017.
    • Compared to other free cookie-cutter blogging platforms, Tumblr allows more customization to blog pages.




    • Founded in 2006.
    • Although not as big as Facebook in terms of monthly average users, Twitter is an iconic social media app that is commonly used for news feeds and micro-blogging.
    • It has a 280 character limit on posts, or tweets, which is double the size of what it used to be at 140.  It is a good platform to follow celebrities and has recently increased in popularity due to Donald Trump’s regular tweets.







    • Founded in 2015.
    • Similar to Telegram, Discord is a social chat room style messaging app.  It was originally popular mostly with gaming communities but has since gained adoption to non-gaming communities alike.
    • In addition to video capabilities, Discord allows users to chat and make voice calls to other members.




    • Founded in 2014.
    • KakaoTalk is South Korea’s most popular social messaging app.  It is the goto communications app for South Koreans and it’s hard to find a person without it installed on their phone.
    • Users can chat, make voice calls, and use it for video chats – it is also frequently used by Koreans living outside of Korea to keep in touch with each other.


9 – LINE


    • Founded in 2011.
    • Line is a social messaging app owned by its Korean parent company, Naver.  It is Korea’s second largest communications app next to KaKao that offers chat and calling features.
    • In addition, there are in-app features such as a digital wallet, news feed, and seems to be a popular chatting app for gamers.


10 – QQ


    • Founded in 1999.
    • QQ is one of the most widely used messaging app especially in China.  This app allows users to stay in touch with friends and family through messages, voice calls and video chat support.
    • QQ comes with a built-in chat translator and also supports additional international languages including English and Spanish.


11 – SKYPE


    • Founded in 2003 and acquired by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 billion.
    • Skype is a communications app compatible across multiple devices including Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console.
    • At its core, it allows users to interact with each other through chat, voice calls, and video chat.  They has evolved from its earlier days with features like screen sharing and live subtitles during voice or video calls.




    • Founded in 2011.
    • Originally called Picaboo, Snapchat is a mobile messaging app for sharing photos that disappear.  The sender of an image has the option to make the photo disappear within seconds once the recipient has viewed the image.
    • Since its earlier days and after going public, Snapchat has revamped its platform to become one of the most well-known photo sharing app that Instragram loves to copy.




    • Founded in 2013.
    • Telegram is an open-sourced social media messaging app.  Members can take part in chat rooms of specific subjects by invitation and is often used as a platform for sharing the most up to date news on a topic.
    • Chat rooms are always open where messages, pictures, videos and files can be shared within the group.


14 – VIBER


    • Founded 2010 and acquired by Rakuten in 2014.
    • Viber is a free VOIP app used to communicate with anyone around the world using the platform.  It is a social communications tool used for making audio and video calls.
    • Viber also has an in-app translation feature that automatically translates text messages relative to the language set in the app.




    • Founded in 2011.
    • WeChat is a Chinese social messaging app that rivals QQ in terms of popularity and user base.  In addition to messaging and calling functionalities.
    • WeChat also boasts features like an in-app wallet and real-time location sharing with friends and family – it is deemed as a powerful multi-functional application.




    • Founded in 2009 and acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion.
    • WhatsApp is a social communication application for sending text messages and making phone calls.
    • It is a popular app especially for use within mobile devices because of its ability to connect to anyone around the world for free.   WhatsApp provides video calls and phone service with just an internet connection.




    • Founded in 2006.
    • Wireclub is a social site primarily for chatting.  People who want a place to chat online can find hundreds of chat rooms based on general topics of interests.
    • Users can also create their own chat rooms and hang out with members wanting to talk about similar issues.





18 – BADOO


    • Founded in 2006.
    • Badoo is a social networking site for meeting and dating new people.  It is the biggest network for dating with availability in 190 countries and support for 47 different languages.
    • Users can interact with random people or with people nearby based on location.


19 – HI5


    • Founded in 2004.
    • Hi5 is a social networking app for meeting new people.  One unique aspect of the app is a Flirt feature for finding singles looking to meet other singles.


20 – LOVOO


    • Founded in 2011.
    • Lovoo is another social dating app for meeting new people.  Similar to Skout, the app displays a list of people nearby so people can meet each other by chance wherever they are.




    • Founded in 2002.
    • Meetup is a website used to find social events and gatherings.  People use this platform to meet new people who share similar interests and hobbies.
    • It is free for users to find and attend events but for users wanting to form their own Meetup group, there is a cost.




    • Founded in 2005.
    • Meetme is a social networking app to find and meet new people in your neighborhood.  Members can use the app to chat and livestream with new people who share common interests.





    • Founded in 2008.
    • Nextdoor is a social network of residents and activities in your neighborhood.  It is a way for locals to stay connected to events and each other with information only accessible to registered residents.
    • New residents in a neighborhood can take advantage of this platform to meet other neighbors and see what the town has to offer.


24 – SKOUT


    • Founded in 2007.
    • Skout is a social networking app for dating and meeting new people.  The app is located-based so users can browse through profiles and realize that the person they’re viewing can be nearby.
    • It’s a clever concept to view recent activities of member profiles they find interesting.




    • Founded in 2004.
    • Tagged is a social media website for meeting new people.  Users can create an online profile about themselves of personal interests, photos and a bio.
    • Other members can views these profiles, send messages and send virtual gifts.  It is a platform with live chats to meet like-minded people for sake of friendships and dating.







    • Founded 2010 and acquired by GofundMe in 2017.
    • Crowdrise is another crowd-funding website but it’s campaigns are generally for smaller scale purposes.
    • People can start fundraisers for personal causes or charitable events.  Edward Norton is one of the notable names who founded this organization.




    • Founded 2010.
    • GoFundMe is arguably the most re-known website for allowing people to start fund-raising campaigns.
    • Once funding campaigns have been created, they can also be shared via social media networks like Facebook.  Users who want to contribute to global events can usually find such campaigns here.




    • Founded in 2009.
    • Kickstarter is the goto place to fund personal projects.  Users can register their project ideas and receive funding from supporters to create and launch products where backers will have priority access to.
    • Once a project has launched in the market, backers or supporters will often receive the initial product release at a discount.




    • Founded in 2013.
    • Patreon is a social networking site where publishers can receive support from their followers.  When publishers release content, supporters are able to show their appreciation through this funding platform.
    • Users can contribute monthly for subscription based content or per post – publishers will then receive 90% of all funds.







    • Founded in 2006 and acquired by GameStop in 2010.
    • Kongregate is a social site for playing video games online.  There are over 100,000 games that are accessible to anyone who wants to play single or multiplayer games without the need of a gaming console.


31 – MIXER


    • Formerly known as Beam, Mixer is the rebranded name of the live gameplay streaming platform acquired by Microsoft in 2016.
    • Beam was a startup run by a teenager that was re-established by Microsoft in 2017 as Mixer.
    • Mixer is currently being used with Windows 10 and Xbox where users can directly interact and participate with streaming gameplay – it is Microsoft’s alternative for Twitch.


32 – MODDB


    • Founded in 2002.
    • ModDb is a social networking site for hosting and accessing game mods.  Gamers can find downloadable video game modification software to enhance or alter gameplay.




    • Founded in 1995.
    • Newground is a social media website for gaming, movies and flash animations.  The uploaded contents are user generated where the community votes whether it belongs on the site or not.
    • The site is community driven so is plenty of activity from its users.


34 – STEAM


    • Released in 2003.
    • Steam is a platform for the gaming community to play and buy video games.  It was originally created as a method to streamline game updates to players.
    • It is now one of the biggest platforms for distribution of PC games and gained most of its popularity because of the first person shooting game, Counter-Strike.




    • Founded in 2011, Twitch was sold to Amazon in 2014 for $970 million.
    • It was originally dedicated to streaming live video game play but is now expanding in other categories.   Major gaming consoles like Xbox, Playstation and Pc games are supported for live broadcasting.
    • After being acquired by Amazon, Twitch Prime is a new feature which includes ad-free viewing and additional added benefits which are included free with an Amazon Prime membership.







    • Founded in 2008.
    • Edmodo is aa educational platform for students ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade and teachers.  The site is very teacher centric and students can join if invited by a teacher within the platform.
    • Edmodo allows teachers to have a classroom setting with tools to help them connect with students and parents over the internet.



    • Founded in 2005.
    • Flightaware is a website that helps track flights across many countries.  It helps users stay connected to the whereabouts of friends and family members while in flight.
    • Registered users can create a profile and take part in community features such as flight updates and discussions.




    • Founded in 2008.
    • Instapaper is a bookmarking site that allows users to save articles for future viewing.
    • While browsing, users can save interesting content they find on the web and access the content anytime on multiple synced devices even when internet access isn’t available.




    • Founded in 2004.
    • Openstreetmap is an open-source map of the world.  Within its interface, users can edit the map with the use of APIs from different editors.
    • It was built by volunteers and its concept is to interact with the map rather than just looking at it, as you would with other sources like Google Maps.




    • Founded in 2010.
    • Pinterest is a social media bookmarking website.  It allows users to search for web content via visual images or pins that were shared by other users.
    • Pinterest catalogs these images that were pinned and as with any other social media sites, they can be liked, commented, and re-pinned.


41 – QUORA


    • Founded in 2009.
    • Quora is a social platform where questions can be asked and answered by its users.
    • Their emphasis on legitimacy requires registered users to use their real names instead of screen names.  Users can also follow other users to see the questions they ask and answer.




    • Founded in 2009.
    • Ranker has a huge database of reviews that goes beyond a Top 10 list.  It’s a site where users can go to rank or rate random items from movies and books to athletes and celebrities.




    • Founded in 2005.
    • Reddit is a popular social discussion website where users can post text, pictures and links.  Published contents are voted by the members and the best posts become most visible.
    • Reddit has a huge social community divided into smaller groups called subreddits which are devoted for various specific topics of interest.




    • Founded in 2006.
    • Slideshare was acquired by Linkedin in 2012 and is currently being used as a web space for professional documents.
    • Professional content such as MS Office documents can be commented and shared publicly or privately with other users.




    • Founded in 2000.
    • Toluna is a website where members can voice their opinions in the form of surveys.
    • Companies can come to Toluna to request consumer market data about products and services – members who participate in these surveys get rewarded with cash or gift cards.




    • Founded in 2011.
    • Trello acts as a hub to help users collectively collaborate in projects.  It helps members stay connected and updated on project progressions even when they physically apart.
    • Whether for work or personal use, Trello is a good organizational tool to help keep track of the flow of timelines.




    • Founded in 2010.
    • Beer enthusiasts use this app to rate beers at various locations.  Users can share ratings, pictures, and recommendations about their beer consumptions based on check-ins at bars, events, and venues.
    • You may want to check out this app to try new beers recommended by different people who’ve already taste-tested them.




    • Founded in 2008.
    • Similar to Pinterest, Weheartit is another social media website with content indexed by visual images.
    • Unlike Pinterest, there is no option for users to comment on images so there’s less likelihood for trolling.  The community tags posts they like with hearts which then can be shared with friends.







    • Founded in 1997.
    • Allrecipes is a social networking website based on food recipes.
    • The recipes found on AllRecipes are posted by its community members and they can be filtered by specific needs such as special events, ingredients, style of cooking and more.
    • Users can then like, comment, review and explore other recommendations.




    • Founded 2006.
    • Goodreads is a social website all about books.  It’s a good place to go to for book recommendations based on specific interests of genres.
    • Users can find synopsis of books and ideas on what to read recommended by its community of avid readers and enthusiasts.




    • Founded in 2007.
    • If you’re looking for an online platform to solve jigsaw puzzles, check out Jigidi.
    • There is a whole library of just jigsaw puzzles that can be searched by keywords.  Puzzles can also be bookmarked and saved for future access.




    • Founded in 2005 and acquired by Under Armour in 2015.
    • MyFitnessPal is a fitness social media app that tracks user food intake to determine optimal calorie consumption to reach personal health goals.
    • This can be done by the users when they scan the barcodes of food products or manually enter the information.  There’s also a database of recipes to help stay on track with diets.




    • Founded in 1998.
    • Pinkbike is a social community for mountain bikers.  Users can find all the latest news on mountain biking, equipment and locations to go biking.
    • There’s also a marketplace to buy and sell bikes along with a video section and an active forum for discussions related to mountain biking.




    • Founded in 2005.
    • For frequent travelers or postcard collectors, Postcrossing is a good site to send a receive postcards.
    • A registered user will randomly send a postcard to a person somewhere in the world, and in return will receive a postcard from another random person.  It’s like having a random pen pal but with postcards.




    • Founded in 2007.
    • Ravelry is a social networking site for knitting enthusiasts.  It is a place of gathering for knitters, weavers, crocheters, or anyone with a hobby of working with fiber.
    • Users can explore new project ideas and for such a niche topic of interest, they have a huge community of knitters.




    • Founded in 2006.
    • Redbubble is a website where users can find print-ready designs submitted by its community.
    • Artists can upload designs that can be printed on surfaces like clothing, cushions and fabric among others.  There are a variety of products for sale with unique prints.


57 – SMULE


    • Smule was founded in 2008 with a concept of open karaoke from around the world.
    • If you’re into karaoke, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Smule.  Users can sing songs in solo mode or join other’s sessions in duet and group mode.
    • Follow users and get notified when a new session is available, get followed and showcase your voice to the world while meeting new people.
    • However, to access the full list of songs with no ads, a VIP subscription plan is required.




    • Founded in 2008.
    • Stocktwits is a social app for people interested in stocks and investments.
    • Every stock symbol has a thread of conversation that never stops with bullish and bearish investors debating in the same thread.  It is also a resourceful place to find information like earnings reports and valuations.




    • Founded in 2009.
    • This is an application for social fitness networking and is mainly used for cycling and running.  Using GPS, the app tracks and records data of its users which in turn can be shared amongst its community.
    • For group events, the activities are tracked together when they take place within the same time and place for a congregated data analysis.




    • Founded in 2011.
    • Tradingview is a website all about charts for many different asset classes.  Visually, it has a very well-designed layout and is one of the most popular charting platform for stock analysis.
    • Users can draw technical predictions on the charts and also post predictions within the community for others to view and debate.
    • There are plenty of indicators accessible as well as a native chat room for the members.




    • Ultimate Guitar is great site if you need any guitar or bass tablature.
    • Established in 1998, it is the one stop shop for guitar tabs, chord sheets, lessons, and music product review.
    • They have a big community of guitar enthusiasts and is a good place to learn how to play songs.




    • Founded in 2006.
    • If you’re into writing and story-telling, Wattpad is a platform to showcase your talent.  Wattpad strives to create a community around stories created by writers which can get noticed by professionals.
    • Authors with great content on Wattpad can also get connected to the film and publishing industry.





63 – 8TRACKS


    • 8tracks is an internet radio company founded in 2006 and launched in 2008.
    • It’s concept is a “music-oriented social network” where users can listen to playlists created by other users.
    • Although the free plan has ads, there’s a paid plan that gives users access to ad-free listening for $4.99 per month.




    • Bandcamp was founded in 2008 as a marketplace for artists to upload and sell their music at their own prices.
    • Users can listen to songs and pay for them at various prices.  It is a good platform to directly support your favorite independent musician by downloading or streaming music directly from an app.




    • Datpiff is a audio resource website founded in 2005 for Hip-Hop music.
    • The site is composed of mainstream and underground Hip-Hop and users can listen to free songs by streaming or downloading.
    • There are also pre-made playlist mixtapes that are accessible throughout the site.




    • Discogs was founded in 2000 as a site for electroinc dance music but has expanded to other categories.
    • There is also a marketplace to buy and sell music of all genres.  The website mainly serves as a database of music information that is crowd-sourced by its community.




    • Musixmatch was founded in 2010 as a site for song lyrics.
    • They have a huge database of song lyrics that are translatable to different languages.  Users can also curate incorrect lyrics and other users can vote whether the edits are justified.




    • Reverbnation was founded in 2006 and it is another site for independent musicians to showcase their work.
    • Songs can be sold directly from the website and the platform acts like a medium to help get music noticed by fans.  Fans can find local shows in the area and artists can even find record-label opportunities within the site.




    • Soundclick was founded in 1997 as a website where songs can be uploaded by new and independent artists.
    • The songs can be offered in various formats such as streaming, downloadable, or sold as Mp3 through the store.




    • SoundCloud was founded in 2007 as a music sharing website.
    • It is a place for musicians and audio creators to share their pieces to people around the world.  For independent artists, it is a great platform to get their music initially heard by the masses.







    • Founded in 2005.
    • Cracked started off as a magazine but since evolved into a website to find humorous content.  They have a list of short funny articles one after another in a waterfall view and the posts can be written by anyone.




    • Founded in 2001.
    • Ebaum’s World is a social website for exploring funny videos and pictures.  Most of the content is focused on humor and for entertainment purposes.
    • Users in the community can also like, comment and rate the content.




    • Founded in 2001 and once owned by eBay.
    • StumbleUpon is a social networking website that lets users discover or stumble upon other interesting websites.
    • For people who want to come across random new content, StumbleUpon is a good platform for it.  Its concept is similar to channel surfing but with the web.




    • Founded in 2004.
    • Flickr is an online image sharing and hosting site for organizing photos and videos.
    • Anyone can access the photos and videos on Flickr but registration is required to upload content.  The app boasts a big community and is available for both web and mobile.


75 – GIPHY


    • Founded in 2013.
    • Giphy is a source for an online database of animated videos and memes.  The videos are short and looping with caption capabilities but no sound.
    • Users can also create their own short looping videos and share them with other members.


76 – IMGUR


    • Founded in 2009.
    • Imgur is an online image sharing and hosting social website.  It was initially developed with intent to be used on Reddit where users can share funny images, gifs, and memes.
    • Imgur is still a popular way to share images by uploading the picture and sharing the image link.




    • Founded in 2010 and sold to Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion.
    • Instagram is currently the most popular social media site for sharing photos and videos.  Users can upload photos with multiple filters to aesthetically glorify the images.
    • Photos can then be organized with tags and shared to all users or within a follower’s base.  Some of its popular features such as Stories and selfie filters were copied from Snapchat.




    • Founded in 2008.
    • Know Your Meme is another social site that catalogs internet memes.  Users can share and find memes of popular brands and famous names.




    • Founded in 2012.
    • This social website allows users to edit and share images.  PicsArt lets users edit images with layers and share them within the in-app community or amongst other social media outlets.
    • Members can then like, share and save these creative images to their collection.




    • Founded in 2011.
    • If you’re looking for royalty free images, Pixabay houses over 1 million free images.  Aside from images, there are also vectors, videos, and illustrations free for commercial use.
    • Anyone can download images but to upload and share your own photos, registration is required.  Registered users can also like, save, and share images.


81 – ZEDGE


    • Founded in 2003.
    • Zedge is a social sharing site for mobile phone content.  There is a whole library of free wallpapers, icons and ringtones available free for download.
    • To access the content, users must install the Zedge app on their mobile devices.  If English is not your preferred language, the app supports several other popular languages including Spanish and Chinese.







    • Founded 2004.
    • Based on monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media networking site to date.
    • With over 2 billion registered users, it’s a place for people to stay connected from across the world and now is being popularly utilized as a place to promote businesses and brands.
    • From their early days, Facebook has since expanded to others areas of social networking with acquisition of applications like Instagram and WhatsApp, to name a few.




    • Founded in 2008.
    • This is an app based on location sharing.  Users who frequent local businesses can check-in and share their real-time locations.
    • It lets friends and families stay connected through a GPS network, letting know exactly where they are right at any given moment.




    • Founded in 2002 and acquired by Microsoft in 2016 for $26 billion.
    • LinkedIn is the biggest social networking site for professionals.  Members are able to create a profile page of skills, education, and past employment for other professionals to see.
    • It is often used as a source for job seekers to find employment and also for employers to recruit new talent.




    • Founded in 2003.
    • Myspace used to be the biggest social media network before Facebook took its place – at one point it had over a billion registered users.
    • Although the site was later revamped, it fell of the wagon due to lack of innovation.  Today, it lives on as social media site for music and pop culture.


86 – VENMO


    • Founded in 2009 and acquired by PayPal in 2013 with the Braintree acquisition.
    • Venmo is a social mobile payment system not for commercial use but for peer to peer funds transfer.
    • Its platform is often used amongst friends when splitting bills and users can also share the details of their transaction, less any payment information.







    • BitTube is a blockchain based video streaming platform founded in 2017.
    • It is a decentralized sharing platform so the video files aren’t stored with a centralized company that stores them in a private server.
    • When viewers watch videos on BitTube, the viewer’s device verifies time of consumed content, and monetization in the form of TUBE coin get distributed amongst the content publishers and viewers.
    • The concept is that content consumption can now be rewarded for viewing video content.
    • Read more about BitTube


88 – COUB


    • Coub was founded in 2012 for sharing 10 seconds videos.
    • The Coub editor allows users to upload content clipped from popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and upload the snippet with sound.
    • The best part of any video can be clipped and merged with another video to be displayed over and over in a looping format.




    • Founded in 2006.
    • Crunchyroll is a platform for viewing anime and drama.  They have a free and paid plan for watching its library of anime and Asian drama.
    • The free plan is limited to older releases with ads while the paid plan has no ads and a more extensive list of recent titles.




    • Daily motion was founded in 2005 by a French company.
    • Although not as big as YouTube, they are one of the biggest video sharing platforms in the world.  There’s less spammy videos on DailyMotion due to their limits they place on uploads.
    • Videos uploaded to DailyMotion cannot exceed 60 minutes in length, 10 uploads per day, and video play is limited to 2 hours daily.




    • Flickbin.tv was founded in 2004.
    • It is a video sharing platform where users can tag and upvote videos they like.  Flickbin’s homepage is displayed in categories and has collections of the most popular videos on the web.
    • Rankings are based on community engagement so users are more likely to see headline type videos.  It is sometimes referred to as the Reddit for YouTube.




    • Founded in 2006 and acquired by Fandango in 2016.
    • Flixster is a social site for discovering and leaning about movies.  There’s also a community for users to meet other movie buffs with similar tastes in movies.
    • Rotten Tomatoes is a subsidiary of Flixster and now they are both owned by Fandango.




    • Funnyordie was founded in 2007 by figures in the film industry, namely Will Ferrell, Adam KcKay and Chris Henchy.
    • Comedy is the genre of this platform and the videos often features well-known celebrities.  The layout is in the form of a blog but each post has a funny video relevant to the topic.




    • Founded in 2011.
    • Letterboxd is a social site for organizing and tracking movie titles.  Users can share opinions and reviews about movies and recommend them to their friends.
    • Members can use this site for cataloging watched movies and expressing their tastes in various titles.




    • LiveLeak is a UK based website founded in 2006.
    • It’s a good site to check out violent videos such as clips of war, car accidents, and fights.
    • The contents are not as suitable for minors but if you’re looking for footages of explosions and violence based on current news in other countries, this is a good platform for it.
    • There’s also a broadcast section where users who feel inclined take part in live conversations are able to via chat.




    • Metacafe is yet another video sharing website that was founded in 2003.
    • The site has been around longer than YouTube but hasn’t progressed as quickly.
    • Most of the videos are short clips that are great for quick viewing.  Although the videos are short, there are original content to view.




    • Periscope was acquired by Twitter in 2015 before the app even launched.
    • It is a live streaming app that lets you broadcast to the world.  The publisher of a live stream can chat directly with viewers on the application and viewers can send hearts to publishers in appreciation.
    • Anyone can start a live stream to broadcast to the world and share their live link on Twitter for subscribers to get notified.




    • If short video is your thing, Tik Tok an emerging platform for sharing short bite-sized clips.  It was founded in 2016 by a Chinese company and became accessible to oversees marketing in 2017.
    • Their popularity is increasing fast with more than a 1 billion videos viewed daily, thanks to the short length of uploads.  The video length restriction is limited to one minute but most are shorter than that.


99 – VEOH


    • Veoh is an internet television company founded in 2004.
    • The website is known to have major studio content available for viewing.  Users can watch full episodes of network TV shows and free movies.
    • They files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010 due to copyright infringement lawsuits but has since been acquired by an Israelian company, Qlipso, and is still up and running today.


100 – VIMEO


    • Founded in 2004, Vimeo is a video sharing platform for sharing more mature or professional content.
    • You’re more likely to find videos produced by videophiles or real film enthusiasts.  Unlike YouTube, there are no ads and membership comes in multiple tiers from free to paid plans.
    • Another key difference is that Vimeo allows publishers to edit and re-upload a video even after it has already been published, where YouTube does not.




    • Founded in 2005 and sold to Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion, YouTube is Considered one of Google’s best acquisitions.
    • YouTube is the world’s biggest social media platform for sharing videos.
    • Publishers can post videos that are accessible from people around the world and viewers can like and comment to videos, and subscribe to various publishers channels.
    • To upload videos as a publisher, all that is required is a Google account.  For viewers, Youtube Red is now available for watching videos without ads.





There are certainly much more social networking sites out there so this list barely scratched the surface.  Some of the mentioned sites are available for desktop only while others are applicable on both mobile and desktop.

With Facebook and WhatsApp’s recent data breach and the emergence of the decentralized concept, a social networking site built for the people and ran by the people is not out of the question.  Given time, communities will have a louder voice and when they do, new social platforms will arise possibly even overtaking the dominance of Facebook.

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